In a world where there is so much take, take, take, the ability to give back in some form is good food for the soul.

Thousands of volunteers around the Gold Coast work tirelessly each week helping community efforts, displaying such altruism and a sense of humanity.

At K9 Photography, we are passionate about dogs and animals and share this view by proudly assisting Best Friends Rescue who save unwanted, neglected and abused dogs from a variety of circumstances.

Best Friends Rescue is a non-profit registered charity, rehoming dogs to forever homes in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the surrounding areas.

I absolutely love helping Best Friends Rescue, by fostering puppies that are waiting for their forever home. I aim to give them a good start to life, and give them basic training such as house training, setting acceptable boundaries, and generally setting them up to fit easily into their new family.

Nothing makes me feel better than knowing I have helped an unwanted or neglected dog find love and happiness with a new owner or family that will take care of them to end of their days.

Saving a dog’s life allows the eternal cycle of love and companionship to continue. By rescuing a dog and allocating some of your time and love to it until it finds a new home, it will then be able to bring such joy, love and devotion to another family.

We know dogs can become so much a part of the family, that they can be loved just as much as children.

If you ever wanted to volunteer your time for a worthy cause, fostering a puppy or dog is truly worth considering. It’s heartbreaking to think of the number of pets that need to be euthanized when all it would take is a person with a giving and loving nature to foster them until they can go to a new forever home.

Whilst they are waiting with their foster families for their perfect and permanent family to come along, all the animals are vet checked, desexed, C5/F4 vaccinated, wormed and all are on heartworm prevention and microchipped.

You can rest assured your foster puppy or dog will be in great health when you open your home and your heart to them.

If you would like to support the foster puppy cause and become a dedicated volunteer like me, please contact Best Friends Rescue on or call Diana at K9 Photography on the Gold Coast on 0423 587 226 for more information.