It has been said that loyalty in dogs has evolved over thousands of years where people have worked with dogs, just to serve them a purpose. From hunting to companionship, it is undeniable that over history, dogs and their owners have developed a unique and close relationship, whether it is a working one or not.

The bond between a dog and its owner is sometimes so strong, that it can even make or break human relationships.

Dogs are very different to humans and if only people were more like dogs!

Unlike people, who just by their human nature have the unfortunate capacity to be able to lie, cheat, steal and break your heart on purpose if they want to, dogs have no such capacity.

Ok, they may steal that last morsel of chicken left on the bench when you turn your back but never to the degree that humans can steal from each other.

Dogs are incapable of stealing your innocence or your trust, but they may just steal your heart if you are not careful!

Moreover, dogs would never break your heart into tiny pieces on a whim. They are hugely loyal, loving and sometimes hugely protective and serve just to make us humans happy. They have the biggest hearts and will stay by your side until the end of time if necessary because they love you.

Can a dog lie? Catch a dog doing something he shouldn’t and his face and body language says it all. He is intelligent enough to know he has done wrong but those downcast ears and eyes prove he cannot lie to you. Dogs don’t have poker faces!

And as for cheating, the only cheating a dog will do is pretend he ate is worming tablet, only to spit it out as soon as you turn your back! Once you have a bond with your dog, you are his forever and he is yours.

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