Dogs are the best confidants. You can tell a dog your worst secret, or tell them your best secret, either way it’s all the same. Dogs will never betray you. Well, they can’t speak so I guess they can’t really divulge your secret, but if dogs could speak, we believe they still wouldn’t betray you.

Never have you had a truer or loyal friend than with a dog. Dogs almost make us tell them things we don’t feel comfortable or safe telling anyone else. Perhaps it is their beautiful, trusting eyes or their big ears, all the better to hear your secrets with!

People can sometimes hurt us to core when they break our confidences. Yes, in some instances they may have had good intentions but trust is so important and is all the more difficult to regain if it has been broken.

Dogs trust their humans, their owners, implicitly. They are born to trust. They will be beside you to the end of their days, just for you to pat them, talk to them, play with them.

They trust you to take care of them, never abuse them or take them for granted. It’s all the things humans really want too isn’t it?

Share an upsetting secret or a woe with a dog and you just feel better. They say a trouble shared is a trouble halved and even if a dog can’t really say or do anything to help you, simply being by your side can make it so much better.

When you have that lifelong companionship and bond with a dog, nothing is insurmountable, you always have a true friend to talk to.

K9 Photography on the Gold Coast, specialises in pet photography and understands the profound relationship and bond between a dog and his owner.

We’ve been capturing the essence of a dog’s loyalty and love for its owner and vice versa through our pet photography sessions, so they can be treasured forever.

If you would like us to photograph your beloved dog and preserve that unique relationship in a beautifully photographed moment in time, call K9 Photography on 0423 587 226 to book in for a professional pet photography session.

Our photography sessions also extend to cat photography, couples, families, just the two of us and we offer sessions in our Gold Coast studio as well.