A Magical World

The Reverie Series

Custom fantasy pet portraits

From My Imagination to Your Pet Portrait

I love to design and create composites because I’m not only a photographer, I’m an artist. It allows me to give you something unique and truly original.

If you want something truly special of your pet(s), a custom Reverie Series portrait is it! 


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My Most Premium Offering

I invest time, attention and lots of love into each Reverie portrait I make, creating something that will make your heart soar and bring a smile to your face whenever you look at your custom portrait. 

Because of the time and attention involved, I limit my custom Reverie portraits every season, and during my busy seasons (like the Christmas holidays), I limit my custom Reverie potraits to two per month. 

All Reverie portraits come framed in one of my beautiful wood frames that are handmade by a framer here on the Gold Coast. I recommend that my clients plan to invest between $1990k – $4990k for their custom designed and framed Reverie portrait. 

I offer payment plans through Payright, so you can get your beautiful art now and pay for it later. 

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I believe

The world of fantasy is where our pets belong

I think it’s safe to say that our pets dream about us in their sleep. After all, their worlds revolve around us, right? It seems fitting that we would dream of them too. And when we do, it’s easy to envision these magical creatures we share our homes with in fantasy-land worlds.

When you dream of your pet(s), what do you see? Do you see them splashing in a river under a full moon? Chasing a firefly across a flowery meadow? Resting under a tree next to a unicorn?

Share your visions with me and let’s make them a reality in a custom Reverie Pet Portrait.

There’s no better way to commemorate just how incredibly special your pet truly is.

How it Works


We start with an idea. Maybe it’s one you already saw in my galleries, or something you saw in a book or movie. We’ll have a call and you’ll tell me all about what you envision. 


Next we’ll do a photo shoot in my studio to get the perfect ‘raw materials’ for me to create your art from. I can also incorporate photos of beloved pets who have already passed. 


Then I get to work in my ‘digital darkroom’ using your pet’s personality and your ideas to inform my art process. I push and pull pixels until the end result is nothing short of magical. 


After we finalize the design of your custom portrait I have it printed and framed in one of my beautiful wood frames that are handmade by a framer here on the Gold Coast. 


After my framer has finished lovingly framing your custom Reverie art piece, then it’s time for you to display it in your home, where you will get to enjoy it forever. 

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