I’m playing with some exciting new portrait ideas in my studio. I’m calling them “Woofheads” and I need some willing fur-babies and owners to explore them with me!
All participants in the project will receive a complimentary photography session plus a $200 K9 Gift Certificate to say thank you!
You must register by September 30th to be part of this project.
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The fine print

The photoshoot can take place anytime before October 31, 2022
This is your one chance to look back at this moment in time and tell your story.
I’ll only be offering this promotion to a few selected fur-babies and their owners, so get in quick!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is K9 located?

I am located on the Gold Coast, and my portrait sessions are held in my studio in Robina, 10 minutes from Exit 82 off the M1.


What do I get?

A chance for your dog(s) and everyone they love to participate in a fun, relaxed and safe portrait session with pet photographer, Di Leventhal. Di has over 13 years experience photographing pets with their people and knows exactly how to capture the bond each family member shares with their dogs. Every family who participates will receive a COMPLIMENTARY photography session plus a $200 credit towards any of our products to say thank you.


Can I have my whole family photographed?

Your dog will be expecting the whole family to be included in his or her photo session so bring everyone your dog loves. We’ll do the woofhead portrait solo and then get you all into some photos together.


Can I purchase photographs?

Yes, of course, you do have the opportunity to purchase photographs after your session. As a guide, I have finished wall art from $990, custom wall collections from $2200 and smaller mounted prints from $390 each. We also have no-deposit interest-free payment plans up to 12 months.


How long do you keep the photos for?

All of my portrait sessions include a Reveal Session afterwards, where you get to view a big-screen slideshow of all of the photos and then choose your favourites. Afterwards, I can also store any unpurchased photos for up to 12 months, for a fee of $250 which is redeemable for artwork should you decide to purchase at a later date.


How long does the portrait session take?

Every family is different, but you can expect it to take 30-90 minutes. I allow up to 90 minutes just in case your family or dogs need a bit of “warm-up” time 🙂

So … are you in?

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