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I have a unique photography style to fit every taste, from the classic and traditional, to the modern and simple, and even the world of fantasy. 

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Modern Studio Pet Portraits

Your dog IS allowed on the couch in my fun and vibrant modern studio portraits. Jump on there with him for some authentic and awww-inspiring family portraits. Bring the kids too! This shoot is a blast for everyone involved.

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Fine Art Pet Portraits

These are your classic pet portraits, and have all been given the loving touch by me in my ‘digital darkroom’. Feel free to let me know if there is a unique look, border, or treatment you see in any of the photos that you’d love me to make for you. 

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Reverie Pet Portraits

These are the portraits that will make you go “WOW”. I blend my imagination with fantasy, starting with the perfect ‘raw materials’- photos of your beloved animal family members. You can read all about these special portraits on my Reverie Series page

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