Children that have been fortunate to grow up with their dog, have an unbreakable bond that stays with them through adulthood.

Nothing is more touching as a parent and a pet owner watching your child and your puppy meeting milestones in their development together.

Nothing is more adorable and heart warming than to capture those moments between a child and their dog in photography, forever sealing those precious moments in time on film.

It is thought that children raised with dogs are much more happier, healthier, smarter and more resilient than children who grow up without pets.

Having a dog also teaches a child to be caring, respectful and responsible as they look after and care for their pet throughout the years.

Dogs are not only fantastic and loyal companions to children, they help to keep them more active as well as they walk, run and play with them.

Dogs also provide loyal and trusted friendship throughout the tumultuous prepubescent years and help teenagers cope with peer group pressure, relationship difficulties and getting to know themselves.

Dogs can literally save a teenager’s life, as sometimes they feel their dog is the only friend and confidante they have in the world.

Ask any adult who had a puppy that grew to early adulthood with them and they will speak with such love and devotion about the dog that was always there by their side, through thick and thin, good times and bad.

They will regale you with stories of funny escapades and near misses, of wet noses and licks to their face when things were bad and the same wet noses and licks to their face when things were great.

Adults who grew up with dogs are more likely to want their children to experience the same unbreakable bond and companionship they had when they were growing up and so the cycle of the beloved relationship between a dog and his owner continues.

As that same child passes through adulthood and then into old age, a trusted canine companion is likely to be by their side, still giving unconditional love, loyalty and companionship. A love affair that all began with the child who was lucky enough to grow up with a dog.

K9 Photography on the Gold Coast can chronicle the growing years of your child and their beloved dog with our professional pet photography sessions.

What a beautiful keepsake to have and hold forever, exquisitely shot photographs of your child interacting with their dog that you can treasure for many years to come.

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